lengerie laid downThe Keymood Resources:
Keymood in the UK, is an English based blog that is going to try help out local couples around the country with therapy and event parties that will help you effectively communicate to each other.

We understand the struggles of couples in the 21st century, with the take off of social media and the increased popularity in being a “stop out” we like to take it back to our core values. We are based on loyality and respect for our partner, however this is slowly being washed away by common values within society. Our website has had the lucky sponsor of 69seo.co.uk in bringing our site forward and helping us spread our message.

We are taking a little bit of a unique approach to therapy and want people to know, we understand the problems that will occur, and sometimes talking is not enough. We have linked up with people in the sex industry to try and get over the barrier of being “bored” in your relationship, so there will never be a need for that infidelity with your co-worker.

Infidelity is on a sharp rise coming from the early 2000’s and we want to grasp this whilst we can, we know we can make a difference for people.

Please note: we are not professional therapists, we just provide you with a difference approach to tackling issues in your relationship :)

– KeymoodUK