Six Reasons Why Physical Intimacy Is Important for a Relationship

Many people are of the opinion that physical intimacy before marriage is a sin, however is this becoming old fashion? They refrain from it and to them, it is a taboo. However, modern couples are letting go of this idea and are becoming physically intimate with their partners. It is of utmost importance to be physically intimate with your companion for numerous reasons.

Some of them are as follows:

partner-togetherBodily Needs

Physical intimacy is used as a tool for showing love. This manifestation of love is very important in order to let your partner know how you feel about them. A relationship in which the partners do not share physical activity is often unsuccessful as it is important to know their bodily need of your partner and to satisfy them. It will help you to get rid of all the hesitations as well as confusions about the relationship. It might be the case that you were not particularly sure about the relationship and had doubts about it. But after getting physically intimate with your partner, your comfort level with them has much risen. You are no longer filled with doubts whether you want to pursue the relationship or not.

The act of physical intimacy, especially sexual intercourse bridges the gaps between two individuals. You will be able to open up a lot more to your partner after you experience physical intimacy with them. You will form special memories of spooning, your partner whispering sweet nothings to you, the petty pillow talks that you have. Also, it will be helpful for you in shedding all of your inhibitions that you had in the past. These are vital in keeping a relationship healthy. If these things do not happen in a relationship, it will fall flat and lose its charm.

relationship-securityGetting a Boost

Physical intimacy is important in maintaining your sexual health. This will be a boost to your sexual health and will keep you far away from sexual diseases which are a big concern. Also, this is highly beneficial. If you and your partner are involved and sexually active with each other, then there are no chances that a third party or an alliance will come in the way of your relationship. This will prevent the contagious sexual diseases that are becoming widespread by the day.

You can easily get rid of the problems that your relationship used to face earlier. Being physically intimate means that you are getting physically committed to each other. If you had trust issues and other problems in your relationship, then it will pass after you gain physical proximity with your partner. When you are caressed and loved by your partner, you will start feeling important in the relationship. If you hold your partner in your arms, both of you will feel a sense of security and car.

So, if you are in a relationship and planning to become physically intimate with your partner, go ahead!

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