Relationship Ruining Your Health?

A healthy relationship is something that we all hope for. Mental, as well as physical goodness, and a certain level of intimacy in the bedroom together should be the major points of a relationship. However, studies have shown that a relationship can affect your health negatively too. Surprising, but is true. We’ve been keeping up with this Newcastle Escorts agency, they claim many of their girls love working like it is a relationship.


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Sleep problems: It is a general notion that you will get a good sleep if you sleep next to your loved one. However, it might be harmful to you if your partner has the bad habit of snoring during sleep. In that case, your sleep is hampered and you have to stay up at night. Also, if your partner tosses and turns over in the bed frequently due to insomnia, it will affect your sleep too. Sleep problems can therefore indirectly cause relationship problems as you will be tired during the day and will have twisted sleep cycles.

Weight gain: Surveys have clearly shown that couples tend to gain weight after they get into a relationship. Couples gain weight after marriage and lose weight after they get a divorce. If you are in a dysfunctional relationship, then you will end up eating moreĀ and will have irregular sleep cycles. This will consequently cause you to gain weight. As well all know, obesity leads to multiple health issues. A healthy couple should ideally motivate each other and work out together to stay fit.

sleep-happyAnxiety: One of the most recurring problems in relationships is the rising levels of anxiety. Anxiety disorder, as well as social anxiety, is a very common problem among couples. At a point of anxiety, in your relationship you could do with some help from a professional companion who understands people and how they react. Relationship problems and bickering with your partner might cause you to develop anxiety.

Levels of stress: People who are in a relationship are likely to have higher levels of stress. If you are a couple, common matters like who would do the greater share of household chores or petty disagreements over money which might escalate to fights or even disputes regarding your parents will lead you towards more stress.

Depression: One of the resulting factors of anxiety is depression. According to research, couples who are married to each other as well as people who are in long-distance relationships are more prone to depression. Issues of clinical depression have been noted highly. You will be shocked to know that women, whether they had depression in their family or not were 6 times more prone to clinical depression when compared to their husbands. This happened if their husbands were unfaithful which resulted in the marriage to break down.

Blood pressure: If you have irregular diet records, sleep hours as well as poor exercise routines, then it will take a toll on your blood pressure levels. Your blood pressure will fluctuate and it will be pushed to higher levels in no time.

So, as you can see, being in a relationship can lead to a lot of health problems. Your health is always of primary importance. So keep well and move ahead!

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